Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to the Studio~

Dear Friends,

Things have been a bit less sidetracked than my last 2 posts from several months ago. I have been trying, in earnest, to get myself more "focussed" so that I can get things squared away. That mean's of course, getting my studio and thus my whole house in order.  My word for the year is "FOCUS". That is not easy for me, but I am trying and for once, I'm actually getting some things around here in order. 

As I said, we moved into our new home a year ago.  Getting a studio together with all the junk I have has proved to be a challenge. 

The majority of what I have is books, magazines, ephemera and lots of art and journal's I've made. 
I'm finally making some progress as I have tried this "focus" thing.  This has meant rearranging how my items are stored and thus keeping those things I use daily close to me.  I know, a simple concept, and for those of you that are "orderly" find it no big deal, but when you like so many things and want all your creature comforts like fave books, etc. around you, it's not such an easy task. But I will persevere! More soon, xo Lia


Meg said...

Lookin organized to me Lia! :)

maha ghazi said...

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Terri Petersen said...

Thanks for sharing a little glimpse of your fun work space. You're off to a great start!