Thursday, September 01, 2011

So, where were we?

Wow, life has been a whirlwind since April (when I last posted). We have been in the process of relocating to another state after being in the same place nearly (my whole life)! I am thrilled to be making the change, but it has had it's challenges and adjustments for sure! We are still getting "settled". It's amazing what you need to do to set up home again. There are all those things you just happen to have around when you live in the same house for nearly 2 decades. Then you move and it's major trips to dollar tree to have things like, shower curtain liners, trashcan's, brooms, mops, things of that nature that need to be new-ish in a new place. Out with the old, in with the new....
Aside from domestic duties of this sort, I've kind of had a spark of interest in decorating again. Things were all set before, but now that I am in a new place, I kind of want it to reflect who I am and what I like NOW. This makes me feel kinda like a young person just starting out again. It's hard to explain......but I look at it as a "fresh start", a second chance of sorts. It's a new journey for sure.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Art of being Sidetracked...

Perhaps the title of this post should be, "What I haven't been up to". That would be an easy answer: not what I'm "supposed" to be doing. Focusing on one thing is not my strong suit. I just love being creative every day.
Many years ago, I decided to accept the fact that I get sidetracked easily. Some would call that being A.D.D. Well, yeah, I'm that too, but sidetracked is really my middle name. Call it a result of too many ideas and too little time. An urge to indulge upon your whims instead of being, well, a "grown up". I gave into that urge many years ago when I gave myself permission to follow my next whim and creative endeavor.
So, I digress. There is a point to this, after all. The answer to "what I've been up to" the last year and a half since I I've blogged is: a whole lot of this and a bit of that. I can't help it. I just don't get alot of concentrated art and craft time (something I need to work on), so I end up doing whatever is in front of me that day.
My sidetracked adventures include, collage, art journaling, altered books, photography, doodling, sketching, and most recently, sewing my work together in little booklets/journals. (see right).
Oh, not to mention organizing and re-organizing my studio and/or work spaces. (Which for those that followed ArtJunk before know is one of my "issues")....
So, as you all can see, I'm still "all over the place".
Oh, I forgot to mention painting. I've been doing some of that too. That is probably my biggest passion, although, ironically, I spend the least time doing it. I don't know what it is about painting that just requires ALL of me, not my scattered brain and bits of time. Perhaps I started writing again to "work" all that out. I know I could and would paint more if I figured out a way that would work for me.